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A Useful Guide: Cleaning Your Grill

Grilling sessions and barbecue parties is one of the best ways to keep your friends and families entertained and at the same time enjoy great food. Everybody likes grilled meat and veggies. With kids and adults, barbecue is a safe pick to keep everyone satisfied. As normal, men are always the ones in charge of grilling and are the captain of the grill.

After a great gathering such as barbecue party with your friends and families on your backyard, what comes next is usually fatigue setting in or tiredness. This feeling will eventually force you to think you can just clean everything up the next day; after having a good rest. This will not give you more things to worry about but this will eventually be a start of a bigger problem; especially when it comes to the grill. Your grill needs special care and proper cleaning routine to keep it functional and useful for a very long time. If you wish to know more about how you can clean your grill this useful guide will tell you more.

For Charcoal Grill:

1. If the grill is cool, take out the carbon that was built-up on the lid by using a brush or by scarping it off.

2. When step 1 is clear, the next you should clean is the cooking grates. Take out the remaining debris from your last grilling session by brushing it off.

3. To remove hard debris, you can use a scraper to chip it off from the inside of the bowl. Push off the ashes and debris.

4. Empty the ash catcher.

For Gas Grill:

1. The same with the charcoal grill wait until the grill is cool. Then brush of or scape out the built-up carbon from the underside of the lid.

2. Scape out the debris from the flavorizer bars and heat deflectors. If the debris is not hard to take out, you can use a brush instead.

3. Using another clean brush, clean the tube ports of the burner from rust and debris; brush across it. Use extreme care when doing this as to avoid damage.

4. For the cook box, use the scraper to clean it from debris and push all the taken out debris into the grease tray.

5. Take out all the debris from the grease tray and slide it out onto the drip pan. After this, replace the drip pan.

6. After every part has been cleaned out, the last step you should make is to inspect all hoses and look for leaks if there is any.

Cleaning after every grill session is important. But the after care should also be as important as the after grill session. After taking out the grill, you should keep it in a safe and ideal storage area. If you wish to keep it outside under a shade for easy access during random barbecue sessions, you should consider having a weber grill cover. This will keep your weber grill safe from being damaged from external dangers. Keeping the grill clean and taken cared of is the best way to enjoy more barbecue and grill sessions.