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Common SEO Video Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Why is your SEO video ranking so low? Learn the most common SEO video errors rookies generally commit and how to fix them right here. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a type of digital marketing strategy. It involves the use of various contents, such as blog posts, images, infographic materials, and videos to pull website traffic. Every click adds to the website’s algorithm, increasing its ranking on the search engine results.

Most businesses create websites and post content on their platform to drive traffic. But with the increased use of social networking platforms, more companies engage in SEO videos where they can manage to attract more consumers and hope for an increase in conversion rate.

 What is an SEO Video? 

SEO video works similarly to websites. However, instead of posting blog articles and images, companies create informative videos to attract consumers and upload them on social platforms like YouTube.

 What is the reason behind the low YouTube search rank? 

There is a myriad of reasons why an SEO video has poor visibility on YouTube search. Below are the common errors beginners usually commit on their SEO videos and some tips on how to monetize YouTube SEO videos.

#1 Not Finding the Right Keywords

A video’s rank on search results relies heavily on its relevance. A video’s relevance is weighted through its keywords. If an SEO video does not contain the right keywords, it will not appear on the search results.

The best way to find the right keywords for YouTube is to generate a list of keywords. There are several keyword-generating tools online. Make use of these tools and add to the list local potential keywords.

#2 Not Including the Keywords on the Video Title

It is important to include the target keywords relevant to the content on the title. Viewers rely on the title to determine whether to click on the video or not. If the video title does not include the correct keywords and phrases, chances are, the potential viewer will scroll down to look for more relevant search results.

#3 Short Descriptions with Irrelevant Content

YouTube provides a section below the video where the uploader may include a more detailed description of the content. Some utilize the description section, whereas others do not.

Writing a short description with the target keywords on the said section helps improve search result ranking. Make use of the section to provide useful information about the content and the business. Also, add the link to the official website to encourage viewers to know more about the brand.

#4 Skipping the Thumbnail

A video’s thumbnail is the first thing viewers see on the search result. It also influences the viewer whether to watch the video or not. Also, including the target keywords on the thumbnail helps boost SEO ranking.

#5 Not Promoting the Video

Do not rely on people to search for content on YouTube alone. One way to drive more traffic to the channel is by promoting it on other platforms, such as social networking sites and through the official website.

And in promoting the video, include a direct link to the content to make it easier for viewers to watch the content.