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Excessive Use of Headphones Can Be Damaging Especially to Children

As most people say, “Anything that exceeds its limit is bad.” With this said, using headphones, in particular, will fit the notion.

Have your children been using headphones more than usual?

It is not to say that using headphones should be prohibited. The concern is how often it is used by the kids. Both the volume and duration of headphone use really affect your kid’s hearing so you need to be careful about them. What causes permanent hearing damage is listening too loudly and listening for too long. To prevent this harm, there are ways that you can do to help your children suffer from any health damages.

Throughout life, a person’s hearing needs to be protected. Once a person experience hearing damage, it’s hard for it to recover to its original state. So it is best for you to not expose yourself to areas where noise exposure standards are not followed properly. Supposedly, a company is responsible to provide ear defenders devices to its workers most especially if the nature of their work is noisy.

Effects on Excessive Use of Headphones for Children

If an adult needs to watch out for their hearing states, how much more do children?

There is a study that hearing loss in children is increasing. Researchers found out that thirteen percent of children had affected their ability to distinguish sounds which is important to their learning speech. The question is this, “Do headphones have a direct contribution to this?”

One could not exactly tell because there are only a few studies conducted using headphones as a direct link to hearing loss in kids. Out of a hundred kids’ respondents, only forty percent is reported to have listened to music using headphones.

Regardless of hearing loss in children has a direct connection to headphones or not, it is still a great practice to mitigate the problem by putting awareness on how you let your kids use their headphones. As much as possible, monitor the loudness of your child’s headphone; Be aware that there are headphones which easily leak sounds out but there are also headphones that you will not be able to hear anything outside. But once you wear the device, you’ll discover that the sounds are too loud. So this is dangerous as you won’t notice that your kid is already playing sounds at a damaging level.

Importance of Selecting Proper Headphones

Your selection of headphones for your children does matter then. Choosing headphones that have a great volume limiter can prevent your kid from suffering hearing loss. Picking headphones with noise-canceling features is a great option, too. Kids usually put the volume of their headphones in louder for various reasons; one of them maybe because they want to reduce the intrusion of outside noise.

The awareness that hearing loss in children is increasing brought headphones manufacturers’ attention to provide quality products; thus, add precautionary measures on products brochures and packaging. Nenos Kids Headphone, for example, assures customers that all their headphone products passed through great quality control and follows guidelines about good hearing standards.

The manufacturer values life so they protect hearing. No adult life started right away. Everyone passes childhood and in this very stage that one’s hearing needs to be taken care of. Choosing the right headphone for your kids, then, is deemed necessary.