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How Accurate is Accutire MS-4021B?

Tire pressure is crucial for safe driving. Underinflated tires can get even the most professional driver into a lot of trouble. Poorly inflated tires heat up and might blow out. Moreover, it is difficult to steer a car with underinflated tires.

On the other hand, overinflated tires can make the ride rough. Additionally, the extra pressure could wear out the suspension parts and the engine as well. Fuel economy wise, it is more expensive.

The above facts are the reasons why you need to assure your tire has the right amount of pressure. But the big question is this; how to find out if the tire gauge is accurate?

Is your Tire Gauge Accurate?

A tire gauge is a basic tool that every car owner should have. It allows a person to check and monitor tire pressure. Hence, it tells you whether to bleed out excessive pressure or add more to the tire.

The problem with tire gauges is that not all are guaranteed accurate. If you try to check tire pressure using different gauges, you’ll notice that all of them have different readings. Then, how will you find out which one is correct?

  1. Expensive is Better

Most accurate tire gauge is more expensive compared to inaccurate models. If you happen to see such devices at very low prices, start to doubt the quality and performance of the product.

A great tire gauge usually starts at $20-$30. However, take note that some of these devices have higher prices because of extra tools or accessories. So, you need to check it out before purchasing the item.

  1. Regular Calibration

One way to assure a tire gauge is accurate is to calibrate the device regularly. Cheap tire gauges can’t be calibrated. That is why you have to settle for pricier options. Expensive tire gauges can be calibrated, which entails they can be more accurate.

  1. Check with Another Gauge

Another method to find out your tire gauges’ accuracy is to check it with other gauges. Look for one or two more gauges as a basis. If there is a significant difference between your device and the other two gauges, then chances are your gauge might be inaccurate. But it also could be the other two gauges are inaccurate.

If the difference is only a two to one PSI, your device is good to use.

  1. Check Using a Master Gauge

Local tire dealers and maintenance facilities have a certified master gauge. They use it as a guide to check their tire and gauges as well.

Unfortunately, not all local tire dealers calibrate their mater gauges regularly. So, you’ve got to think of that.

  1. Choose the Right Tire Gauge

If you are planning to buy a tire gauge, a good rule of thumb is to search for well-established names like Accutire.

Accutire MS-4021B is one of the most accurate tire gauges in the market. It as a wide reading range from 5 to 150 PSI. Moreover, it has an accuracy of 0.05 PSI.


Do you want to find out additional details regarding tire gauges?

For basic info about this device, check it out at My Automotive Zone. This source will serve as your guide and support in searching for the most accurate tire gauge.