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How to Text Your EX back with Confidence

Relationships are tied with very thin threads of trust and mutual understanding. Relations become ex relations and partners become ex-partners with a little miss-understanding or wrongdoing. Whenever you feel that mistake was yours or even if it wasn’t your mistake yet you want to have that person in your life, you can easily fix what went wrong by the use of carefully carved texts to enlighten the burnt emotions in your ex-partner and give a new life to your relationship. Old relations can be re-constructed by the words that relate to past events and the emotions that can reunite the hearts. In this article, we will consider Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back rules that will help us in understanding the way you can effectively gain the confidence of your ex-partner back.

Sometimes little words of hatred or rage can end very strong relations. Thus after taking a while, you may end up thinking to gain back the confidence of your partner and rebuild the old relationship.

Review of Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back:

Michael Fiore’s attempt towards reuniting the ex-couple comprises two modules. These modules consider the steps taken towards reconstructing a relation that has suffered differences. Michael starts by congratulating a person on taking a bold and positive step that he considers to be a brave step towards regaining what has been lost. Let us discuss important aspects of these modules to understand is it any good to consider.

1)  30 Days no contact rule:

Do not return back quick full of mixed emotions just after breaking the relation. Give your partner some time to think and rethink the matter that triggered such a situation. Quick turning back may worsen the problems. Since both of the individuals are occupied by mixed emotions of all sorts that can complicate the situation.

2)  The dumper and the dumped:

Dumper is the one who played the main role in breaking the relation and deteriorating the situation. Dumped is the one who is considered to be suffered more in this situation. Michael suggests politely but affirmatively that both these persons must do the right thing and think positively about rebuilding the relationship.

3)  Text Judo:

This term relates to using your ex’s emotions, whether negative or positive to remind him or her about the good old days that you spent together to gain the confidence back in each other and start a new life together. This technique is best for the emotional beings that cannot restrain themselves from past emotions and good old memories.

4)  Establishing affirmative rapport:

You can only create a positive rapport if you negate the old bad habits that resulted in differences in the first place. Making a strong rapport can help in joining the hearts together. It is a positive step towards a new beginning.

Final Verdict:

Relationships are very hard to make and very easy to break. One must be very understanding and lenient in their acts and deeds to remain united and make a stronger relationship. Still, if something went wrong and you get departed from your ex, all is still not lost. You can carefully join the old strings together by your positive gesture and will.