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Craig “Thumper” Monyelle

23 years of Experience.
U.S. Flyweight Pro Kickboxing Champion.
Member of the 1999 U.S. Sanshou Team
fought in Beijing, China.
Beloit’s only Pro Athlete.
1988 U.S. National Amateur Bantam Champion.
1990 U.S. National Amateur Flyweight Champion.
1992 U.S. National Amateur Champion.
First 3-time National Amateur Champion
23 years of Experience
Mr. Monyelle has also been featured in the Beloit
Daily news more then anyone in the history of the sport!


12 years of Martial Arts Experience.
2002 14-16 year old



11 years of Martial Arts Experience
2004 – 14-16 year old
National Amateur
Atom weight Champion.
2001 – 11-13 year old
National Amateur Junior
Middleweight Champion


12 years of Martial Arts Experience
Head Instructor Beloit YMCA
Cardio Kickboxing Program
Successful Point & Full Contact Competitor