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Jack of All Trades: A Safe Guide To Use Floor Jacks

Do you own a jack? If you have a car, chances are you probably have one stored for emergency purposes somewhere in your garage. Next question should probably be, “have you ever used your jack?” Chances are you have, after all there is no use in investing in a piece of equipment if you have no intention of using it. But, are you using your jack properly?

Jack Points: Where to Put Your Jack

There are at least six different jack points where you can put your jack safely and efficiently; however, most are only familiar with one or two. Limiting your knowledge about the six jack points puts you at a distinct disadvantage in certain situations; after all, the decision of where to put your jack will depend on the reason why you need to get your car jacked up. One thing that you always need to keep in mind is that the safety of your car will be a direct result of your answer to the question of where to put your jack.

First you need to understand that there are four kinds of jack. You have the scissor jack, house jack, hydraulic jack, and bottle jack. The great news is that it doesn’t matter which jack you need to use as the six different jack points work for all of the jack types. This guide to safely place floor jack under cars is applicable for all jack types.

#1 Rear Differential

Let’s start off with the safest jack point to use which is the Rear Differential. This jack point can balance the weight of your whole car and gives you a lot of space to work with. This is the preferred jack point if you need to check the balance of your car.

#2 Front Crossmember

Next let’s take a look at the Front Crossmember. The Front Crossmember is the ideal jack point to use when your car needs an oil change as this supports the tank of the car. It can also be used to check for other concerns in the front of the car.

#3 Rear Crossmember

And of course let’s take a gander at the Rear Crossmember. This is the perfect jack point that checks the back of the car. A word of advice for this jack point though is that you have to use this together with the front car support or lever otherwise it is going to be difficult to balance the car.

#4 Near Front and Back Wheel

Now what about if you need to change your mags and wheels? Well, your go to jack point should be the near the front and back wheel. Utilizing this jack point ensures that it is easier to change your tires because the pressure is all on the wheels.

#5 Sides of the Body

Both sides of the body can also be used as a jack point but this is a riskier proposition as it can cause damage to the exterior of your car. This is best used if you need to check for damage beneath your car.

#6 Metal Edge

Last and probably the most dangerous jack point of them all is the Metal Edge. This should only be used as a last resort. For more details you can visit