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Martial Arts For seniors

Martial Arts: An Unexpectedly Great Activity for Seniors 

Adults over 30 are usually reluctant to enroll in martial arts lessons. They show a variety of excuses, like being too overweight, being too old, or having bothersome injuries. The great misconception is that martial arts are an activity for children does not help. On the other hand, adults in this age group often have the most to improve from martial arts training.

Consider what older adults face when it comes to aging. Cardiovascular capacity and endurance decrease, leading to a lack of energy as age increases. Muscular endurance and strength decline as well, sometimes as much as 3% per year for people over the age of 70. The metabolism also slows down with age. All three factors combine to deplete energy, decrease mobility, and increase weight.

At age 70, none of us want to end up in an assisted living facility. But, that is just where most adults are heading when leading a deskbound lifestyle. The great news is that regular martial arts training can help you cope with aging through improvements in the following areas:

# Cardiovascular Fitness and Endurance  

Combined with an active lifestyle, regular training, can help you get your wind back. You will see progress in your anaerobic capacity, the fitness that helps you overcome situations that require short bursts of deep energy.

# Muscle Strength and Endurance 

Unused muscles shrink and weaken with age, particularly those in the legs and abdominal core. The great news is that your muscles shrink more slowly with regular exercise. Martial arts offer an outstanding full-body workout as well as slow down the shrinking process.

# Metabolism and Diet 

Regular training in taekwondo, karate, or similar art is like any moderate to strength training. It will burn calories as well as speed up your metabolism. This makes it easier to keep the weight off. The training will not make you lose weight, but if you adopt a balanced diet, it will be more effective to control it.

# Mental Wellness 

Martial arts students gain significant advantages that would be lost just by going to the gym. The structured environment in a studio offers responsibility, thus you are more likely to exercise on a regular basis. Additionally, the friendships you build with other students as you progress through group training improve your mental well-being. Even better the shared experience will strengthen your family if you have children training.

A lot of older adults who engage in this early practice notice dramatically change in how they relate to their bodies and the world around them. Martial arts can aid your aging loved one to exceed their expectations of what their physical body is able to. Martial arts offers a way of life in which your loved one is always encouraged to unite the mind, body, and spirit.

Therefore, if you are thinking of martial arts training, search for a school where adults train individually from children, at an intensity that gives you the training you actually need. Find an instructor who knows the wants and limitations of adult students. The most important thing is to stop thinking and act! Read more: