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Nutritious Meal of the Rice Grain

Rice is a stable food that is eaten by most people from different culture. You need it to have that balanced diet that is important to build your body. A healthy lifestyle is obtained from cooking your rice well and carefully. This is to maintain the nutrition that is in it by avoiding overheating the rice.

5 tips to fully cook your rice

A reason to rinse your rice

Rice itself carries a lot of dirt that is unhygienic to any human race consumption. Taking rice direct to your pan encourages illness in your home or to those who will consume it. It carries also the chemicals that were sprayed to it while growing. This was to avoid pest infestation and destroying it before it is due.

All the dirt in it has to be sorted first in a huge tray. This gives you that good opportunity to find the tiny particles that may be hiding. Rinse your rice with a reason of it being thoroughly clean. Rinse it twice or thrice until the white water turns clear. This indicates that most of the powder chemicals are washed off.

Placing your rice on the burner to heat

You need to measure the right amount of water and rice. Put water first to boil then put in the washed rice in the boiling water. Cover the top of your pan and reduce heat temperatures. The rice will cook for some few minutes with the steam building up inside.

Checking the rice

This is where you overcome that fear of picking up the hot lid. Avoid opening the cover all the time but thrice it is okay. Check how the water is shrinking away and watch out to have that balance of rice cooking slowly. The water is also disappearing to leave cooked rice.

Letting the rice cool

Taste the rice to find if it is right and also check the texture of it. Take the lid off and let it cool for a few minutes. Some of the moisture will evaporate and when you want to know when rice is fully cooked, it leaves a non-sticky texture and it does not seem to be wet.

What if you find it is still unready?

If you open your lid and realize the rice is not fully cooked and the liquid is all absorbed do not panic. Add some liquid and resume cooking. Put back the lid and give it some more time. If you open and find the rice watery, pour out the water in a separate basin. Put it back on your burner and give the moisture time to steam off.  This is how you can master how to cook your rice.


Learning to follow procedures is your right way to know how to cook your delicious rice. Skipping any process will make you have that uncooked meal of rice. This cannot be eaten and you will not like to put it in the mouth. You feel uncomfortable to chew uncooked rice in your mouth.