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What to Love about Jumpin’ Bean Travel French Press

Who doesn’t love coffee?

It is impossible not to crave this energy inducing beverage. It is, in fact, the best natural energizer. Drinking this beverage can help you keep going and stay active all day long. It is no surprise that you crave a cup of this drink every single morning before going to work.

You can get coffee anywhere. Restaurants and diners never run out of this drink. But there is one problem; you can’t always get it while traveling.

Airline companies offer coffee drinks to their passengers. However, if you travel on the road, do not expect to get a good cup of coffee on the way. Then, how can you satisfy your coffee cravings while on a long-distance road trip?

Enter the portable French press for coffee.

A travel French press coffee makers are the perfect solution for coffee lovers who frequently travels. Using this item, you can drink your favorite coffee while on the road. It is a quite convenient and practical solution for travelers.

The portable French press has become a popular product in the market over the past years. It is not unusual given the increasing fame of this item. And, one of the exceptional portable French press in the market today is Jumpin’ Bean.

All About Jumpin Bean Travel French Press

People are loving this portable French press due to its convenience and functionality. This item looks like a simple tumbler at first glance. But inside the product is a wonderful innovation.

There is more to love about this amazing portable French press. Here are the top five awesome features of this item that you will admire.

#1 Holds Hot Temperature Well

The item can withstand hot temperatures. It can hold both coffee and tea and let the temperature stay hot for six hours.

Jumpin Bean can hold up to 12 ounces of brewed coffee. It features a double-wall for insulation. It can keep your coffee or tea hot for six hours maximum.

#2 Leak-Proof

The Jumpin Bean features two rubber seals that prevent the drink from leaking. It is one of the best leak-proof French press for coffee that you find in the market.

If you are traveling, you won’t have to worry about your coffee spilling inside your bag.

#3 100% Healthy

This product is 100% BPA-free. It is completely safe to use. Health concerns are not an issue when using this travel French press.

#4 Dishwasher Safe

Some portable French press is not safe to put in a dishwasher but not the Jumpin Bean. It is guaranteed dishwasher-safe and friendly.

#5 Extremely Portable

The bottle looks slim. It can fit in any cup holders and travel bags. Also, it is not too bulky to carry.

The Bottom Line

The Jumpin Bean is no doubt a good find. It has the features of an excellent travel French press from its design, portability, and ability to hold beverages.

If you want to check out more info about this product, go to the Coffee Break Essentials. This online source posts honest product reviews of the top seller travel French press in the market. And, see this site for buying tips and advice.