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National TaeKwonDo & KickBoxing

Our staff uses a unique blend of “old school”
Martial Arts Discipline with a very fun atmosphere!

Welcome to National Tae Kwon Do & Kickboxing the premier Martial Arts Training Center in the State line Area

Kids Taekwondo

“Yes I Can” Taekwondo for Kids (ages 4-12) National TaeKwonDo & KickBoxing instructors are specialized in teaching kids how to ‘focus’. Your child will learn the importance of eye contact, posture, and listening skills.

For Adults and Teenagers

We train Mind and Body The adult program is focused on self-control and discipline. We learn physical fitness and psychological organization, and proper technique is expected. Adults work towards achieving Health in Body and Mind.


Learning Tae Kwon Do as a family is an incredible and important bonding experience. Training together leads to greater respect and appreciation, and you’ll enjoy the experience of watching each other achieve and grow.


Our expert martial arts staff is extremely, extremely, extremely dedicated to giving you the best possible experience you could ask for. They are there for each question you need answered… every increase of inspiration when challenges arise… and to instill in you the wisdom that’s been passed down through martial arts for thousands of years.Our instructors care. They’re here for you 110%.

You've always wanted to learn martial arts, and we're here for you and your family.






Tae Kwon Do has not only helped Dayten's self esteem, but it has helped him focus and maintain self control at home as well as at school!


My football coach loves what Martial Arts has done for my Discipline and Physical Abilities. As for myself it has helped my shyness and self-control.


Martial Arts is just a word at his age, but what he gets out of it is whats important. Like improving his Self-Control, Behavior, Respect, and Social Skills, which will make him a better person throughout his life!



The Benefits of Using a Hammock

A hammock is a fabric or a net which ties to two poles or trees to lay down on almost suspended in the air a few feet off the ground. They have been used for centuries and have multiple benefits in which most people do not realize. It is thought hammocks have been around and enjoyed since 450 BC.

Getting into a hammock can take a little bit of skill. Once that skill is mastered, then it can feel like sleeping on the clouds. There is no greater feeling than sleeping outdoors on a hammock swaying back and forth to put a mind and body at rest. It brings a full sense of peace.

Hammocks and Good Health

There are a couple of factors which may have interested parties searching for what are the advantages of using a hammock. Doctors who study sleep habits say a person’s head should be elevated 10 to 30% higher than the rest of the body. Find out if hammocks are bad for your back here.

People who use hammocks fall asleep quickly, because it puts the head and body in the proper positions. A hammock swings back and forth, and it is like rocking a baby to sleep. The swaying motion gets them every time by altering the brain waves putting a person to sleep fast.

Along with falling asleep faster, a person will sleep longer by using a hammock. All of these things can play a key factor in a person’s health. A person who sleeps well has better moods. Their mental capacity will be enhanced throughout the day, and their memory will last longer.

A body that is well rested has a higher immune system, and the body will heal itself quicker. Not to mention a person also sleeps better when they are cooler. While the person is suspended a few feet, there is a continual breeze underneath which will keep anyone cool at night or while taking a nap.

Hammocks are Curing Insomnia

When a person is comfortable, they cannot help but sleep better. Hammocks have no pressure points, unlike mattresses. Studies are showing that people who sleep on hammocks have fewer problems sleeping and less pain. More than half of people in the world have issues with insomnia. These studies are proving hammocks are effectively putting an end to the sleepless nights for many, and they are sleeping longer and harder.

Wrapping Everything Up

In conclusion, a hammock can be one of the best things a person can own. They save on space, easy to set up and take down, and it can be inside or outside.

The benefits outweigh the bad by far. The only downside is, getting on and off the hammock. Getting in the hammock has to be done with caution because it can easily flip a person over if not done properly.

As for getting out the hammock, the only downside is a person does not want to get out of it once they get in it. It is way too comfortable to leave.

Grooming Tips and Tricks

much time in the bathroom were met with suspicion. Luckily, things have changed and we live times in which it is actually recommended to offer as much attention to yourself as possible. If you feel that you haven’t established the perfect grooming routine yet and that you still need some tips and tricks here and there, we are more than happy to share a few with you. Here they are:

  • Become a regular at your barbers, especially if you plan to grow a beard and you don’t know much about its grooming yet. Every 4 weeks, a trip to the barbers is highly recommended.
  • Learn which of the many types of hair products now on the market work for you. Thick, messy hair would easier be handled with wax, while if your hair is light, then you need some staying powder.
  • Choose a signature scent- every single man needs a signature scent. Don’t opt for something very obvious. It is enough for the aftershave to be a subtle part of your presence.
  • Use face scrub. Monday mornings are perfect for a deep scrub, especially if your weekends are generally wild. It is going to help you look fresh after a wild party. Also, somewhere towards the middle of the week, some light scrub is going to help you one more time. You will look better and in case you are feeling tired, that is going to wash off.
  • Make sure that you have the right grooming tools. If you need to shave every single morning, then it is imperative to use a top quality razor. Our recommendation in this case is an electric razor, as you won’t need more than 5 minutes in order to get rid of the hair which grew over night.
  • Consider investing in a tool called bakblade. The bakblade is relatively new on the market but numerous men already invested in such a product and they are happy with it. The bakblade is basically a grooming tool which is used for back hair. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it will be much easier for you to shave the hair on your back, even the one which is in areas hard to reach. This tool is nothing more than a razor attached to a long plastic handle which is easy to grip and easy to use. As mentioned, there are numerous men who already use the bakblade and I am sure of one thing: you are going to love it.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of tips and tricks to follow in order to establish the perfect grooming routine. However, keep in mind one thing: select only the ones which make you feel comfortable. There might be something on the list which doesn’t suit your needs or preferences, so if you don’t feel all right with it, you simply don’t have to do it. In the end, it is all about feeling good in your own skin.

Best mouse traps on the market

Best mouse traps on the market

Mice are one kind of animals that can really cause an alarm. The small animals gnaw electrical wiring, chew furniture and also carry then spread dangerous diseases like pox, plague, and Lyme. Therefore, if you come across one in your home place immediate action should be taken. Nowadays, it’s so easy to do away with such rodents as you do not necessarily need a professional so as to do it. When you possess a mousetrap of some good quality, you are capable of doing away with the pests so easily and effectively.

Below are some of the best of mouse traps which you can currently get in the market including the pros and cons of the choices and what makes them the best choice.

  1. Rat Zapper Rodent Ultra trap

This is the best of choice for someone who requires a trap that will eliminate the rodent in a humane way. The equipment is convenient and easy to use. It has a good circuit technology which detects the pest as it gets inside. When it gets in there, the metal plates which it steps on trigger electric circuit to produce a shock of 8000 volts. Therefore, the rodent is electrocuted for 2 minutes such that it completely gets killed. When a rodent is caught, this trap shows a red flash to show it has killed. A single set of its batteries should kill 60 rats. The rat trap is ideal for sheds, garages, basements, and attics as it does not produce poison, chemicals, mess or blood.


  • Ideal for use on larger infestations
  • No touch and no view when disposing of hence hands-free
  • Makes of ordinary bait


  • The equipment quickly drains its battery
  1. T-Rex Trapper rat trap

Are you looking for an ideal plastic mousetrap? This is the best of choice to consider. It has superior quality with its trigger sensitivity and good speed needed to capture the mouse within a second. Its teeth are quite larger which aid in preventing the rat from escaping. However, its plastic material makes it not last as long compared to other types. Also, one cannot serve the whole home as you will need several.


  • Can use for outdoor places
  • It latches safely and can be opened easily


  • Not all time it kills all rats instantly
  1. Intruder 30442 Mousetrap

Equipment made from stainless steel and it comes with 6 very high-quality mousetraps which can serve the entire home more so if you have suffered an issue of stolen bait. It comes with grooves specially designed such that they hold baits well and secure for a catch. It features a non-absorbent plastic area where the bait is kept and it suffocates the caught mouse such that it does not break its skin and hence no mess or blood with the catch. Compared to other mousetraps, its force is 30% more. The mousetrap should be cleaned by just rinsing it in soapy warm water.


  • You do not need to touch it for disposal
  • It’s made with non-absorbent plastic
  • It’s reusable and durable


  • The trap should always be kept far from children and pets as its bait area is quite large.

Housewarming Present Ideas at Personalized by Kate

A milestone worth celebrating is when people get to buy and have their own space or their own home. After all the effort and the hard work, when people finally have a place they can their own, families and loved ones usually gather together to celebrate the occassion or the event.

In every housewarming event, those who are invited to the celebration are always thrilled to buy and prepare their gift for the new homeowners. Of all items people can think of, choosing the best gift for a housewarming celebration may become a little challenging. Items of different sizes, uses, and styles may be bought for the new home owners which are available in different stores; but when people put an effort to personalize it, the gift becomes extremely special.

At Personalized by Kate, different housewarming present ideas are introduced to people. Not only that they get to buy the item they need to give to the homeowners, but people may also put their heart on it and express their creativity on the gift if they choose to personalize it.

Housewarming Present Ideas at Personalized by Kate

This business gives people the freedom to express their ideas and their creativity. It is a great avenue to really think about the gifts people are going to give to the special people in their lives. One of their priorities is really make their customers extremely happy and satisfied with the items they sell. They also want to make sure that people not only buy the gift they want, but the receiver will also greatly appreciate the gift.

Items are not only for housewarming events, but people may also choose to shop at Personalized by Kate for any special occasion. Other than customer satisfaction, one of their goals is to make sure that the receiver of the gift will be able to use the gifts they receive in their everyday lives.

For those who are having a difficulty deciding what specific items to choose and buy, staffs from Personalized by Kate may give suggestions to make the process of choosing a gift a little easier. For those who want to take their time, they may also browse through the page of Personalized by Kate until they find the right item that will suit the newly home owners.

There is a variety of items people can choose from. They may choose items which homeowners will be able to use in their kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere in their house. Their items are not only for indoors, but also for those homeowners who are fond of outdoor activities; items for them are also available at Personalized by Kate.

Once people find the right item for their family or friends, the checkout process of the item is very easy. People just need to provide the needed information and they also need to make sure that the address is accurate. Based on other satisfied customers experience who has become a regular at Personalized by Kate, people will surely receive their items in its best condition.

What is an immersion blender

What is an immersion blender

This is a tool in the kitchen which is usually used to blend soups, sources as well as other liquids used in the kitchen. This blender contains blender blades at the end. This blender is not like other blenders, contrary to another blender, immersion blender can only be used by immersing it into a container of liquid the turned on. For other blenders, you will pour the liquid in it and then turn it on. To ensure an immersion blender uniformly blends your liquid, you should provide that you continuously swirl your blender throughout the liquid. Feel free to read more here.

If you have a lot of pureed soup or any other product you want to work with then it is advisable that you use an immersion blender, this is because using the other blenders will require you to do your blending in batches, you will also have to pour the blended substance on another container to hold it, this will, therefore, end up being confusing as well as tiresome. But if you use an immersion blender, you will be in a position to blend your liquid in its original container or pot.

While buying an immersion blender, you should be very careful; you do not want to buy a blender that cannot process all types of food such as meat or vegetables, a good immersion blender should be in a position to do all these. While there are some which are specifically designed to help in blending fruits and other drinks, there are others which are more advanced than them, and they usually are more expensive.

An immersion blender can be easily stored; it does not take much space, it also portable and can quickly help you with your blending. Therefore if you are looking for a light and easy to clean kitchen apparatus, an immersion blender is the one to go for.

The Benefits of Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

A microwave has become a standard kitchen appliance for homeowners. Almost every household owns a microwave today. This versatile equipment is a great lifesaver. You can prepare food quick and easy using this appliance. Moreover, it is extremely convenient, especially for individuals with minimal time to spare for cooking. If you always have a hectic schedule ahead, investing a microwave would make your life a lot easier.

Over the years, microwave manufacturers introduced unique innovations that enhanced the functionality and performance of the said kitchen equipment. Today, you’ll find awesome microwaves with impressive food preparation technology and efficiency that is unlike before. One example is these new innovations are the microwave toaster oven.

Yes, you’ve read it right!

There is now a microwave that can function as a toaster and oven at the same time. So, if you are thinking, is there a microwave toaster oven combo? Here is your proof.

The Microwave Toaster Oven Combo has transfigured the versatility of the standard microwaves. This technology has a lot to offer. Below are the different advantages of using this kitchen appliance.

Fast Cooking

A microwave toaster oven utilizes a combination of convection cooking and microwave energy. Such power can generate heat fast and cook food in a few minutes. Moreover, this appliance has a built-in preheat setting that allows less cooking time. The ability of this appliance to cook food fast is a great advantage for working individuals and parents.


Cooking equipment like a microwave and oven, consume a lot of energy to cook food. Likewise, the appliance would require more energy when cooking tough ingredients like meat. And, more time spent on cooking a food means higher energy and utility bills.

Since microwave toaster oven can cook food faster than a standard microwave or oven does, you can save more money with this item.  It is 100% energy-efficient and promotes low-cost utility bills. Thus, you won’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills with this kitchen device.

Lots of Cooking Opportunities

As the name suggests, a microwave toaster oven has the power of three kitchen appliances built into one appliance. Thus, you can cook two times more recipes with this device. You can roast, toast, cook, brown, bake, broil, crisp, steam and defrost food with a microwave toaster oven.

Enhances Flavor

Honestly, some individuals have no talent or skill in the kitchen. No matter what they do, they always fail to prepare a tasty and at least edible food.

If you are one of these individuals, here’s good news for you!

A microwave toaster oven can enhance the flavor of your food. This device uses a fan to circulate the hot air and radio-frequency energy to cook food. In this manner, the food is cooked inside out which helps in maintaining its moisture.  Moreover, this type of equipment has sensor cooking that adjusts the cooking time based on the food.

You can find microwave toaster oven at the leading stores. But before going to the nearest shop, make sure to find out more details about the top seller microwave toaster ovens.

Go to the HomeAddons for informative product reviews as well as tips and advice on how to find the perfect microwave toaster oven for your kitchen.

How to Transform your Home into a Comfortable and Healthy Living Space

Home is where you can find solace, protection, and security. However, do you know that your place of sanctuary is full of health hazards?

Bacteria, viruses, allergens, and air impurities are the primary cause of sickness in a household. Exposure to these impurities and microorganisms can lead to respiratory illnesses and skin infections. Also, it can cause harm to family members with asthma, hypersensitivity, and respiratory problems.

Regular cleaning is not enough to kill these microbes and improve air quality. What you need is an efficient home comfort technology.

Today, you’ll find home appliances and devices designed to promote healthy living space. You can find examples of it here at Know the Flo.

Know the Flo is a website that dedicates itself in helping homeowners find the best solution in improving a healthy living environment. This online source also posts tips and advice about the latest home comfort technology.

If you want to keep your family safe from the health hazards of microbes and air impurities, below are the best home comfort system and devices to invest.

Install an HVAC

The primary function of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is to help control room temperature. An HVAC unit can keep your home cool during summer and warmer in the winters.

Another reason why you should consider investing an HVAC unit is the ability of this system to improve indoor air quality; High-performing HVAC’s have a built-in true HEPA filter and germ-killing UV technology. This feature removes all the impurities present within the room keeping your household an allergen and bacteria-free space.

Get a Heater

Using a heater helps you save more money in comparison to other heating technology. Likewise, a heater is energy-efficient and has low-cost maintenance. You can rely on a heater to keep your home comfortable during the coldest season.

Fan for Cooling

If the initial cost of installing an AC unit is out of your budget, the best alternative you can have is a fan.

A fan is affordable and energy-efficient rather than AC units. Also, it is great for keeping your room cool and fresh during a hot summer season. Plus, it does not consume a lot of energy when operating.

Today, you’ll see a wide variety of fans in the market. Some of them feature advanced technology such as filter system and no-noise operation.

Air Purifiers

Investing in an air purifier is an excellent decision for a household with a family member who has respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergic reactions.

An air purifier is a device that cleanses the air from impurities. It assures that the air you are breathing in is 100% safe and clean.

Air Dehumidifiers

Rooms with high humidity level are the perfect habitat for mold. The moisture and warm temperature enhance the growth of these fungi. You can prevent the growth of mold in your home by using an air dehumidifier.

An air dehumidifier controls the humidity within your house. It removes the extra moisture to stop mold growth and get rid of air impurities.

Start improving the health and comfort of your home! Make a move right now with the help of Know the Flo.

Best battery powered weed eaters

Best battery powered weed eaters

Due to their unrestricted mobility and no emission level, weed eaters powered by batteries have grown their popularity. Therefore, it can be quite a daunting task to look for one of the best weed eaters. Below is a review of the top-ranked weed eaters powered by batteries:

1. Decker and Black LST300 twelve inch Lithium trimmer

A battery powered eater which as well can be used as an edger. Therefore, it’s a versatile eater as it works to serve two functions. Its battery is 20-volts and can be fitted in other devices apart from the weed eater. Its deliverance power is 33% higher hence it can only go for 30 minutes. Its transmission power-driven system ensures continuous deliverance of power to cutting string from its motor. Therefore, the job gets to be done more efficiently and faster. Its productivity is then enhanced by the advanced features.


  • The cutting height is adjustable hence gives the user maximum comfort
  • Its feed spool is automatic hence less downtimes
  • The design is light in weight about 5.7 pounds hence the user does not get fatigued
  • Power drive transmission which ensures maximum cutting power


  • The battery takes a longer period of time to get recharged

2. Decker and Black LCC140

The package comes with two different tools which are a sweeper and a weed eater. The sweeper cleans the weeds which are trimmed. The weed eater, on the other hand, can be converted to an edger hence offering multi-functions. The battery from which the eater derives power is 40 volts rated at 2Ah. The battery is light in weight with the capability of offering longer run time which goes for longer periods hence fitting the job so well. The battery has a fast charge which enables it to charge within a very shorter time as an hour is enough for a full charge. Also, its motor has a connection with gear drive which transmits the power to its cutting string. According to the condition of the job, the machine has a command dial which regulates desired power. Also, its feed spool is automatic hence there is no chance of posing during the work.


  • It’s designed light in weight so as to minimize fatigue
  • It can easily be converted into an edger hence makes a versatile tool
  • It features command dial which helps adjust power as per the condition of the job
  • It’s so operational at the maximum comfort of its use

3. GreenWorks STBA40B210 G-MAX

This package includes a blower and weed eater. The two tools are run by 40 volts battery which is rated 2Ah. The run time of those batteries is 45 minutes which ensures extended use. The weed eater is so light in weight weighing about 7.8 pounds. It’s designed in such a way to offer ergonomic comfortable grip on the hand such that the user can comfortably use it for longer hours.


  • The speed of the tool can be adjusted so as to offer maximized run time and power
  • It has interchangeable batteries
  • The run time is extended to about 45 minutes
  • The construction of the blower and weed eater is light in weight enabling easy handling


  • Its motor is mounted on the front and so it distracts when trying g toet to obstacles

Best natural face moisturizer brands on the market

Best natural face moisturizer brands on the market

Have you tried using various brands of facial moisturizers only to find that they’re not adequately moistening your skin? Or are these moisturizers leave you feeling so dry and tough? Well, this may not be your fault. Most of the facial moisturizers in the market don’t consider using suitable material in making their facial products. You may find that some brand names stores among other local pharmacies are selling harmful chemicals with harsh ingredients, this includes moisturizing ingredients extracted from oil that lacks synergy that works well with your skin’s natural oils. Hence, these oils end up lying on your skin, clog the pores leaving it feeling greasier than you may think.

The following are the best natural face moisturizer brands on the market

1. Juice Beauty Antioxidant Organic Face Moisturizer

The beneficial effect of this product is incredible. It is the perfect organic moisturizer that not only benefits your face but also decollete and your rounded neck. Perhaps this is the commonplace most women fail to give attention when moistening their faces. It has a juicy lightweight anti-oxidant moisturizer that helps to hydrate and fight the damage from the environmental toxins and free radicals.

The hyaluronic acid present in this product reduces the visible wrinkles and fine lines that make the beauty in your to fade. Regular use of juice beauty leaves your skin silky smooth and exceptionally soft. Therefore, if you’re looking to smell great, soften the skin, diminish wrinkles, and give your skin eye an extra love, try out this fantastic Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer.

2. Era Organics Complete Organic Face Moisturizer

There is nothing that can stop you from giving your skin the valuable nutrients it needs. Era Organic moisturizer enriches your skin with super food such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It is made with organic, food-grade nutrients that guarantee your skin with powerful soothing and moisturizing qualities. When used consistently, this product repairs and rejuvenates the worn out skin cells to soften the tough skin. Other benefits that one can get from it include improvement of circulation and reduce the itchy, irritated, and dry skin.

The power of Era Organic Complete is fascinating and thus the reason why most women prefer it. This cream is effective in boosting healing of the skin and stimulates the growth of the new cells as well as strengthening your skin.

3. Amara Organics Retinol Cream

Many people have widely used the Amara Retinol cream not because of its cost but its beneficial effects on the skin. With great reviews from customers, this natural moisturizer works well on a molecular level to heal and repair the skin and stimulates collagen. And thus, results in smoother, firmer, young looking skin. It also speeds up the rate at which the skin turnover its cell, improving texture, and fading the discoloration to gives your skin better and healthy growth. If you are a die-hard cream junkie, perhaps this natural retinol is your number one dermatologist. All you need is to master the application procedure that helps you meet the desired results.

A Useful Guide: Cleaning Your Grill

Grilling sessions and barbecue parties is one of the best ways to keep your friends and families entertained and at the same time enjoy great food. Everybody likes grilled meat and veggies. With kids and adults, barbecue is a safe pick to keep everyone satisfied. As normal, men are always the ones in charge of grilling and are the captain of the grill.

After a great gathering such as barbecue party with your friends and families on your backyard, what comes next is usually fatigue setting in or tiredness. This feeling will eventually force you to think you can just clean everything up the next day; after having a good rest. This will not give you more things to worry about but this will eventually be a start of a bigger problem; especially when it comes to the grill. Your grill needs special care and proper cleaning routine to keep it functional and useful for a very long time. If you wish to know more about how you can clean your grill this useful guide will tell you more.

For Charcoal Grill:

1. If the grill is cool, take out the carbon that was built-up on the lid by using a brush or by scarping it off.

2. When step 1 is clear, the next you should clean is the cooking grates. Take out the remaining debris from your last grilling session by brushing it off.

3. To remove hard debris, you can use a scraper to chip it off from the inside of the bowl. Push off the ashes and debris.

4. Empty the ash catcher.

For Gas Grill:

1. The same with the charcoal grill wait until the grill is cool. Then brush of or scape out the built-up carbon from the underside of the lid.

2. Scape out the debris from the flavorizer bars and heat deflectors. If the debris is not hard to take out, you can use a brush instead.

3. Using another clean brush, clean the tube ports of the burner from rust and debris; brush across it. Use extreme care when doing this as to avoid damage.

4. For the cook box, use the scraper to clean it from debris and push all the taken out debris into the grease tray.

5. Take out all the debris from the grease tray and slide it out onto the drip pan. After this, replace the drip pan.

6. After every part has been cleaned out, the last step you should make is to inspect all hoses and look for leaks if there is any.

Cleaning after every grill session is important. But the after care should also be as important as the after grill session. After taking out the grill, you should keep it in a safe and ideal storage area. If you wish to keep it outside under a shade for easy access during random barbecue sessions, you should consider having a weber grill cover. This will keep your weber grill safe from being damaged from external dangers. Keeping the grill clean and taken cared of is the best way to enjoy more barbecue and grill sessions.