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A New Dive Computer to Take the Plunge with You

Diving is a great hobby, but it is a risky one and is best recommended for the adventurous ones. For the daring people out there, you’ll have a lot of needs when taking a plunge into the deep, and one of them is the dive computer.

The Mares Puck Pro Plus is the upgraded version of the popular Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer. While it still retains the similar slim profile and the single button operation feature that divers loved about the old design, it has some new features and visual aesthetics. However, with the older Puck Pro still available at a lesser price, questions arise about how worth the new Puck Pro really is.

Mares Puck Pro Plus Features

The new Puck Pro Plus comes with the well-received Simple Single Button User Interface with menus that are easy to understand, as well as a slim profile with big and easy-to-read display. A great price point for first time buyers, it is actually one of the cheapest dive computers around, complementing its capabilities, with includes a new Bluetooth interface. The people behind have given the closer look at this new unit while checking out its main features, and they surely love the updated version!

1. Big easy-to-read display

Taking the price into consideration, the Pro Plus has one of the biggest screens of all dive computers, while neither being cumbersome nor unwieldy to the diver’s wrist. The display is divided into three sections on the screen, making it easier to discern the different critical data in the middle of a dive. A bright backlight allows you to read the display well in any dive condition.

2. One button to operate

The computer is operated by one button on the bottom of the computer, which is easy to press even when wearing gloves. Moreover, the interface is easy to read and understand without reading the manual. One can press the button to go through the different options, and press and hold to select an option.

3. Bluetooth uplink

Its most notable feature allows you to upload all of your dive data to your PC or smartphone without having to use cables. While the Pro Plus does not come with the connector, its separate connector is still cheap compared to other brands.

4. Updateable Software

An uncommon feature, updating the software of the dive computer gives it access to the latest Mares developments, provided that you already have an uplink connector, whether Bluetooth or cable.

The Mares Puck Pro Plus is quite easy to operate without having to extensively consult the manual. The display is also well-organized and enlarged and it would be easy to look for relevant information. The Bluetooth uplink makes uploading statistics about your dive to your other devices. Most of all, it costs almost just as much as other similar products in the market, which makes this a good option to acquire.

However, there is no step-back option when scrolling through the menu, which has been an issue for all other dive computers. Also, it neither has a bottom alarm or a depth alarm, which would alert you when you’ve reached a certain depth.

The Mares Puck Pro Plus is a good dive computer, both for starters and veteran divers. Its simple interface and convenient display makes it easy to use for new divers. While it does not boast the capabilities of the most expensive dive computers in the market, its competitive price makes this dive computer a worthy contender for your use!