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Best Battery Powered Weed Eaters

Best battery powered weed eaters

Due to their unrestricted mobility and no emission level, weed eaters powered by batteries have grown their popularity. Therefore, it can be quite a daunting task to look for one of the best weed eaters. Below is a review of the top-ranked weed eaters powered by batteries:

1. Decker and Black LST300 twelve inch Lithium trimmer

A battery powered eater which as well can be used as an edger. Therefore, it’s a versatile eater as it works to serve two functions. Its battery is 20-volts and can be fitted in other devices apart from the weed eater. Its deliverance power is 33% higher hence it can only go for 30 minutes. Its transmission power-driven system ensures continuous deliverance of power to cutting string from its motor. Therefore, the job gets to be done more efficiently and faster. Its productivity is then enhanced by the advanced features.


  • The cutting height is adjustable hence gives the user maximum comfort
  • Its feed spool is automatic hence less downtimes
  • The design is light in weight about 5.7 pounds hence the user does not get fatigued
  • Power drive transmission which ensures maximum cutting power


  • The battery takes a longer period of time to get recharged

2. Decker and Black LCC140

The package comes with two different tools which are a sweeper and a weed eater. The sweeper cleans the weeds which are trimmed. The weed eater, on the other hand, can be converted to an edger hence offering multi-functions. The battery from which the eater derives power is 40 volts rated at 2Ah. The battery is light in weight with the capability of offering longer run time which goes for longer periods hence fitting the job so well. The battery has a fast charge which enables it to charge within a very shorter time as an hour is enough for a full charge. Also, its motor has a connection with gear drive which transmits the power to its cutting string. According to the condition of the job, the machine has a command dial which regulates desired power. Also, its feed spool is automatic hence there is no chance of posing during the work.


  • It’s designed light in weight so as to minimize fatigue
  • It can easily be converted into an edger hence makes a versatile tool
  • It features command dial which helps adjust power as per the condition of the job
  • It’s so operational at the maximum comfort of its use

3. GreenWorks STBA40B210 G-MAX

This package includes a blower and weed eater. The two tools are run by 40 volts battery which is rated 2Ah. The run time of those batteries is 45 minutes which ensures extended use. The weed eater is so light in weight weighing about 7.8 pounds. It’s designed in such a way to offer ergonomic comfortable grip on the hand such that the user can comfortably use it for longer hours.


  • The speed of the tool can be adjusted so as to offer maximized run time and power
  • It has interchangeable batteries
  • The run time is extended to about 45 minutes
  • The construction of the blower and weed eater is light in weight enabling easy handling


  • Its motor is mounted on the front and so it distracts when trying g toet to obstacles