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Best Mouse Traps On The Market

Best mouse traps on the market

Mice are one kind of animals that can really cause an alarm. The small animals gnaw electrical wiring, chew furniture and also carry then spread dangerous diseases like pox, plague, and Lyme. Therefore, if you come across one in your home place immediate action should be taken. Nowadays, it’s so easy to do away with such rodents as you do not necessarily need a professional so as to do it. When you possess a mousetrap of some good quality, you are capable of doing away with the pests so easily and effectively.

Below are some of the best of mouse traps which you can currently get in the market including the pros and cons of the choices and what makes them the best choice.

  1. Rat Zapper Rodent Ultra trap

This is the best of choice for someone who requires a trap that will eliminate the rodent in a humane way. The equipment is convenient and easy to use. It has a good circuit technology which detects the pest as it gets inside. When it gets in there, the metal plates which it steps on trigger electric circuit to produce a shock of 8000 volts. Therefore, the rodent is electrocuted for 2 minutes such that it completely gets killed. When a rodent is caught, this trap shows a red flash to show it has killed. A single set of its batteries should kill 60 rats. The rat trap is ideal for sheds, garages, basements, and attics as it does not produce poison, chemicals, mess or blood.


  • Ideal for use on larger infestations
  • No touch and no view when disposing of hence hands-free
  • Makes of ordinary bait


  • The equipment quickly drains its battery
  1. T-Rex Trapper rat trap

Are you looking for an ideal plastic mousetrap? This is the best of choice to consider. It has superior quality with its trigger sensitivity and good speed needed to capture the mouse within a second. Its teeth are quite larger which aid in preventing the rat from escaping. However, its plastic material makes it not last as long compared to other types. Also, one cannot serve the whole home as you will need several.


  • Can use for outdoor places
  • It latches safely and can be opened easily


  • Not all time it kills all rats instantly
  1. Intruder 30442 Mousetrap

Equipment made from stainless steel and it comes with 6 very high-quality mousetraps which can serve the entire home more so if you have suffered an issue of stolen bait. It comes with grooves specially designed such that they hold baits well and secure for a catch. It features a non-absorbent plastic area where the bait is kept and it suffocates the caught mouse such that it does not break its skin and hence no mess or blood with the catch. Compared to other mousetraps, its force is 30% more. The mousetrap should be cleaned by just rinsing it in soapy warm water.


  • You do not need to touch it for disposal
  • It’s made with non-absorbent plastic
  • It’s reusable and durable


  • The trap should always be kept far from children and pets as its bait area is quite large.