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Five Things You’re Doing Wrong When Building a Website

Errors when creating a website are unavoidable. It is bound to happen one way or another, especially for rookies. To reduce mistakes, what you need to do is familiarize the common errors when building a website. 

Companies create a website as a channel to communicate and reach a wider scale of potential consumers. Consumers likewise learn about the background, values, products, and portfolio of the company through its website.

Chances are you probably browsed the website of your competitors before. From your research, you found out that their website has an innovative design, outstanding functionality, and features. These might have been the reasons why you’re planning to create a website that attracts visitors.

Creating a website is simple. Anyone can make a website by following a step-by-step beginner’s guide from free tutorials and reliable sources online. If creating a website from scratch is outside of your skills, you may hire a professional to create one for you.

Attracting consumers do not stop from building a website and publishing it online. The website must be functional and creative to grab attention. If your website does not capture viewers, then you’ve probably made something wrong. Here are the five common mistakes you might have done on your website.

 #1 The Website is not Mobile Friendly

Though many people access a website using their laptop or computer, some browse the web using their phones. And if your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are the viewer will not stick around on your page. Create a website that is responsive, accessible, and functional on both computers and mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website increases web traffic.

 #2 User-Friendly

No page viewer will spend their time on a website with poor design or layout and is difficult to navigate. Make sure the website is suitable for all ages. Moreover, create content that makes sense. Don’t use layouts that are confusing and frustrating for visitors.

 #3 Poor Live Chat or Customer Support

Visitors who are new to your website will likely have questions about your business or the products you offer. If they could not find the information they are looking for, they will certainly go to the website’s chat support to fire queries.

Maintain an active chat support system to answer the concerns and questions of visitors. Be responsive and professional when communicating with potential customers to assure they will come back to your website.

 #4 Out of Date Content

The purpose of a website is to keep your potential customers on track of the company’s products or services, and their developments. Not updating will instigate a notion that the business is no longer operating, resulting in loss of consumers.

Therefore, make sure to update website content every week. Likewise, include pertinent details such as a new schedule of operations, updated business address, new product lines, and so on.

 #5 The Website Takes Too Long to Load

One of the keys to attracting visitors is a fast website. Optimize your website by updating plugins and themes. Also, tone-down modules for these can affect the website’s loading time as well. Likewise, use plugins that apply to your website to prevent damaging its functionality.