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How to Transform your Home into a Comfortable and Healthy Living Space

Home is where you can find solace, protection, and security. However, do you know that your place of sanctuary is full of health hazards?

Bacteria, viruses, allergens, and air impurities are the primary cause of sickness in a household. Exposure to these impurities and microorganisms can lead to respiratory illnesses and skin infections. Also, it can cause harm to family members with asthma, hypersensitivity, and respiratory problems.

Regular cleaning is not enough to kill these microbes and improve air quality. What you need is an efficient home comfort technology.

Today, you’ll find home appliances and devices designed to promote healthy living space. You can find examples of it here at Know the Flo.

Know the Flo is a website that dedicates itself in helping homeowners find the best solution in improving a healthy living environment. This online source also posts tips and advice about the latest home comfort technology.

If you want to keep your family safe from the health hazards of microbes and air impurities, below are the best home comfort system and devices to invest.

Install an HVAC

The primary function of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is to help control room temperature. An HVAC unit can keep your home cool during summer and warmer in the winters.

Another reason why you should consider investing an HVAC unit is the ability of this system to improve indoor air quality; High-performing HVAC’s have a built-in true HEPA filter and germ-killing UV technology. This feature removes all the impurities present within the room keeping your household an allergen and bacteria-free space.

Get a Heater

Using a heater helps you save more money in comparison to other heating technology. Likewise, a heater is energy-efficient and has low-cost maintenance. You can rely on a heater to keep your home comfortable during the coldest season.

Fan for Cooling

If the initial cost of installing an AC unit is out of your budget, the best alternative you can have is a fan.

A fan is affordable and energy-efficient rather than AC units. Also, it is great for keeping your room cool and fresh during a hot summer season. Plus, it does not consume a lot of energy when operating.

Today, you’ll see a wide variety of fans in the market. Some of them feature advanced technology such as filter system and no-noise operation.

Air Purifiers

Investing in an air purifier is an excellent decision for a household with a family member who has respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergic reactions.

An air purifier is a device that cleanses the air from impurities. It assures that the air you are breathing in is 100% safe and clean.

Air Dehumidifiers

Rooms with high humidity level are the perfect habitat for mold. The moisture and warm temperature enhance the growth of these fungi. You can prevent the growth of mold in your home by using an air dehumidifier.

An air dehumidifier controls the humidity within your house. It removes the extra moisture to stop mold growth and get rid of air impurities.

Start improving the health and comfort of your home! Make a move right now with the help of Know the Flo.