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Software Basics: What You Need to Know

Computers are everywhere. You can see one at a library.  There are internet cafes that allow you to rent computers. Also, you might even have a PC at home. Indeed, this is the computer age where almost everything is run by digital technology and computers.

But have ever you wondered how do computers work?

What is Software?

A computer won’t work without software. It is an application or a collection of data that instructs the computer to perform specific tasks. Hence, the software is a computer program that allows you to manage, control, and operate the physical computer.

Computer software is divided into three primary groups. Each group has a specific function and application. Here are the three different software groups that you must know.

#1 The System Software

The system software or operating system (OS) is the software used in computers to translate inputs. The OS coordinates with hardware parts of the computer to perform specific tasks and functions.

The most popular OS in the market these days is Microsoft. You probably heard about Microsoft’s operating system like the Windows Software. The OS runs your computer to do tasks base on your command. Without an operating system your computer has no use. You can’t open application software, install files, or browse the internet. It is why when you get a new PC, one of the things you have to do first is install system software.

#2 Application Software

If the system software allows you to operate the computer, application software, on the other hand, lets you perform specific tasks.

Everyone who uses computer knows what application software is. This software technology helps you to do certain tasks such as to write documents, save files, create presentations, or access the internet.

Examples of famous application software are Microsoft Office that consists of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; there is also the Mozilla Firefox for browsing the internet.

#3 Programming Software

This software is exclusively for programmers. This technology consists of programming languages that only programmers understand.

The primary use of programming software is to create and develop operating systems. Also, programmers use this technology to design mobile applications. In a nutshell, the programming software gives birth to OS and mobile applications.

Are Software Secured?

Although there is application software that protects your computer from hackers and virus attacks, however, it is not entirely secured from such breaches.

Unprotected software can get corrupted or hacked. And if it happens, chances are your files won’t open or the hackers steal it.

How can you protect your computer from these attacks?

The answer is easy; all you need to do is double your computer’s security, or use password managers. You can also install anti-virus application to prevent computer viruses from worming into your device.

Are you new to computers?

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