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Martial Arts For Kids

The Risks and Benefits of Martial Arts Classes for Teens

Firstly, it is necessary to make an analysis of interest in the child and to understand the reason for being interested in martial arts, without it being forced by the parents or guardians. All martial arts / sports require a great deal of dedication from the practitioner, taking him 3 years or more than 18 years to master it.It is crucial that the child shows some interest in the martial arts, since it is no use putting a child who is interested in swimming in a contact sport, being possible to cause disinterest, disgust and misconception by this category of sports in general.

How to check whether or not the child wants to practice martial arts?

After the child shows an interest in that particular modality, the responsible person should analyze the training site. If there is a quality mat and clean, adequate and sufficient protection equipment for all students in that age group, if the training partners have the same / next age so the child is not frightened, if there is access to drinkers, if the place has separate locker rooms and in good condition (believe this makes all the difference for a child).

Parents should not feel ashamed to ask and sneer at the place; after all, they are enrolling their son / daughter in a place of physical, mental and spiritual growth that should be safe for them to practice martial arts for kids. You are being quiet, consequently your children will be.And last, but not least, if the instructor is affiliated with any federation / council of ethics or confederation. This is important so that parents can trace the teacher’s history.

Benefits of Martial Arts: Teacher and Student

In fact, students have a habit of looking at their teachers, be they math, soccer or martial arts, as real examples, and someone who will mirror in some or several aspects, such as teacher principles and values. And the last thing we physical educators need to pay attention to is whether the child is growing up in an environment where there is incentive for violence or any form of negative stimulus.

To give you an idea, when I started my martial journey, I asked for a semiannual presentation of my bulletin to my parents. The rule was very simple. If I could not get grades on the average set by the school, I could not train. This may be something directly requested from martial arts instructors to parents / guardians, and believe me this helped many of the kids I was sharing the mat with not failing academically and being able to organize schedules and study schedules in an organized way.

The bottom line

It is common for parents or guardians to give greater credibility to great and well-known sportsmen / martial artists, but remember that not always the greatest is the best. Also, make sure your child is really willing to practice martial arts and keep in mind that getting hurt might happen. It is possible to be very good and technical and at the same time do not have a good didactic to teach children, so it is advisable to attend some classes to have the feeling if it is something that you want your child to get involved or not. Get Started now.