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Tips on How to make your Customers’ Online Payments Safe

To gain customer trust, you need to assure them that your online business offers the highest level of security when it comes to online payment. But how will you make your customers’ online payments safe?

Identity theft, online fraud, online banking robbery and other online banking crimes has been a problem for several online shoppers and individuals who pay their dues online. And if you are planning to start an online business, wouldn’t you want to reassure your customers that their payment information is safe?

As a responsible online merchant, you need to keep the purchasing procedures and processes under control to ensure that your customers won’t be a victim of fraud.

Here are a few tips on how to make your customer’s online payment safe:

#1: Use SSL protocol

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is an internet security protocol with encryption. Developed in 1995, Netscape’s purpose for developing SSL is to ensure privacy, data integrity, and authentication within internet communication.

Through SSL, the information that goes through the website containing customer’s sensitive data, such as customer’s banking details, is encrypted. The padlock that you see beside the URL bar indicates that the website is safe and secured for any online transaction.

So, make sure to have an SSL certificate.

#2: Must have PCI compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS) is an information security standard issued to all organizations by credit card companies to make online banking transactions protected and secured against online banking crimes.

Securing PCI compliance will help your customers feel secure during online payment.

#3: Use 3D secure

Another form to keep your customers’ online payments safe is to use 3D secure.

3D secure is an additional layer of security for online debit and credit card transactions. If a website has a 3D secure system the card user will be redirected to a 3D page for additional verification before the transaction becomes successful. Through this, it will decrease attempts of fraud.

3D means “Three Domain Secure”;

  • The merchant or the acquirer domain.
  • The user domain.
  • The interoperability domain.

#4: Using Address Verification Service

Address Verification Service or AVS is another tool provided by the credit card processors and issuing banks to online merchants or sellers in general, to authenticate ownership of the debit or credit card used by the customer.

AVS is used to prevent fraud for Card Not Present (CNP) transactions, such as online payment transactions.

Additional Ways How to make your Customers’ Online Payments Safe

To keep your customers feel safe and secure, here are a few more tips:

  • Monitor all orders. Also, pay attention to late night and early morning sales, because fraudulent activities happen during these hours.
  • Use the right payment gateway for your online business. Check to find out how to choose the best payment gateway.
  • Provide your customers with product descriptions to match their orders.
  • Send notifications or email confirmation that order and payment have been made using their credit or debit card.
  • Provide shipping details.
  • Be clear with refund and or return policy.
  • Keep all transactions recorded for evidence or proof when refund request occurs.
  • Lastly, be vigilant.